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Black character with flesh elastic. 8.0-13.5 $36.95 1.0-6.0 $38.95
List Price: $41.95
Our Price: $36.95 AUS


Black or Tan Leather. 10-13.5 $44.95 1.0-6.0 $50.95
Our Price: $43.95 AUS

Heel Protectors-contour.
NEW! Box of 5pr for the new contour heels.
List Price: $38.50
Our Price: $35.00 AUS

Heel Protectors-Flare

Heel Protectors-Flare.
Packet of 5 pair for Flare or Cuban heels,
List Price: $38.50
Our Price: $35.00 AUS

Heel Protectors-Slim

Heel Protectors-Slim.
Pckt of 5 pairs for slim heels.
List Price: $38.50
Our Price: $35.00 AUS

Heel Tips

Heel Tips.
Replacement heel tips for slim or flare heels.
List Price: $11.00
Our Price: $9.91 AUS


Washable towelling insole with latex foam padding. Black only
Our Price: $15.00 AUS

Long straps.
Long straps (pair) for added security or replacement straps. Diamante buckles included.
Our Price: $23.00 AUS

Pink Ballet

Pink Ballet.
Pink Ballet full sole Small sizes 8-13.5 $30.95 Large sizes split sole 1.0 - 6.5 $39.95
Our Price: $30.95 AUS

Replacement soles/Ladies

Replacement soles/Ladies.
Available in Black or Flesh.
List Price: $33.00
Our Price: $30.00 AUS

Replacement soles-Men

Replacement soles-Men.
Repacement sole, complete with non-skid heel. black
List Price: $35.20
Our Price: $32.00 AUS

shoe brush with cover

shoe brush with cover.
Important for raising the nap on suede soles. Leather cover to protect the fingers and shoe bag.
Our Price: $22.00 AUS

Silicone Polish

Silicone Polish.
Specially made for patent shoes, which prevents shoes sticking when they touch. Helps keep leather shoes soft and supple.
List Price: $22.00
Our Price: $20.00 AUS

One size fits all. Soft, terrycloth tops for foot comfort. Black only.
List Price: $27.50
Our Price: $25.00 AUS

Spanish Tap Al Danca .
Spanish Tap with nails on heel and toe.
Our Price: $109.95 AUS

Supadance 1000B

Supadance 1000B.

Our Price: $185.00 AUS

Supadance 1002

Supadance 1002.
Available in flesh satin or white satin
List Price: $209.00
Our Price: $195.00 AUS

Supadance 1003

Supadance 1003.
flesh or white satin
List Price: $214.50
Our Price: $195.00 AUS

Supadance 1007G

Supadance 1007G.
Wide fittings to order.
Our Price: $132.00 AUS

Supadance 1008

Supadance 1008.
Flesh satin or black, gold or silver leather Black leather available in 2 inch cuban(wide fit) or 2.5inch regular fit
List Price: $214.50
Our Price: $195.00 AUS

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